Dry Friction

We are currently updating this page. CIBF offers a wide arrange of dry friction products for off-highway and industrial markets. In addition, we offer limited on-highway block friction products. Please review the list of CIBF compounds and data sheets found on the provided link on this page to see if we offer a product that suits your needs.

Understanding friction's role in motion control is critical to developing an effective brake system. Carlisle Industrial Brake and Friction is unique in its position as a leading designer and manufacturer of both friction materials and brake products. As an ISO9000 certified organization, Carlisle produces products for such varied applications as on-and off-highway vehicles and industrial equipment. Our friction engineers have over 100 standard formulations from which they begin the process of finding the right material for your application. We evaluate the clutch and brake design, as well as torque, fade and recovery requirements to select a product with the correct friction coefficient and performance characteristics for your needs.

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