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1100 2100
yes no
Normally used in conjunction with SAHR park brakes.
Brake Valve Options Treadle Suspended Pedal Lever

(2 / 5 º)
Amount of pedal movement to start pressure apply.
Amount of pedal movement to full pressure apply.
Applies to Treadle type only.

Amount of pedal force required for full pressure apply.
Single Dual Pnuematic None
The pilot feature allows for operation with a remote hydraulic signal.
English Metric
Metric only available on 1100 Series valves.
yes no
Integrated stop light switch.
yes no
Available port for pressure switch.
yes no bar
Carlisle-installed pressure switch warns the operator of brake circuit failure.
yes no B1 B2 bar
Bias will begin brake apply of one circuit before the other.
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